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      New concept of tiles & sanitary ware integration on Shanghai


      There was a happy ending on 3rd June for innoci - Shanghai kitchen and bath (KBC) 2017, which much concern by worldwide industry.

        Shanghai KBC exhibition has presented the "new technology, new product, new design and new concept", which has significant impact in the industry. This year, innoci have outstanding achievements, which is base on "tiles & sanitary ware integration" bathroom suite and its "Humanistic" products, also win the praise from visitors. Innoci make every effort to perform in this exhibition, and engraved our mark in Shanghai KBC history.

        visitor upsurged

        There were thousands of brands participated in Shanghai KBC, that attracted various visitors from all over the world. The crowd surging at booth W1G70 of innoci which heating up this exhibition. Leadership of Dongpeng and innoci attached high importance to this trade show, they come to the spot and become another focus in our booth. There are many foreign visitors like our sanitary ware design, bathtub/vanity/faucet, come and ask for more product information.

        Tiles & Sanitary Ware Integration ● The Perfect Bathroom Solution

        Innoci "tiles & sanitary ware integration" that bathroom combination was particularly prominent among so many brands from this exhibition. There was "Bathroom Space Design 4.0· 2017 Bathroom Total Solution" press conference which held by innoci on 1st June afternoon. Innoci and Dongpeng Group have issued the bathroom space total solution during the conference.

        Innoci, a comprehensive bathroom, a new definition bathroom, which is re-integration design for the original bathroom space. In this exhibition, innoci is not only display sanitary ware products but also the tiles from wall to the floor by Dongpeng, which to provide with one-stop bathroom space total solution for consumers.

        It is much more convenience for renovation material selection by tiles & sanitary ware integration, which provides you with a personalized bathroom space. Innoci sanitary ware design meet the needs of human habitation, base on the concept of "human-oriented", which to satisfy people's pursuit of fashion and exquisite life.

        Praised · Minimalism

        Our innoci booth fully shows the intelligent, stylish, simplistic and comfortable, the brand vitality of innoci comes from the product elegant design shape, minimalist elements have become ubiquitous, which let people experience with strong charm for the Germany design brand.

        Innoci, the most natural state of comfort, without complex decoration, let you feel the peace as your wishes life.

        Four days of Shanghai KBC, innoci “tiles & sanitary ware integration” can meet the consumer imagination of beauty, that is different from other brands in the exhibition, from booth design, product appearances, up to the small accessories, and also our brand culture has been deepened and sublimated to show the most authentic minimalist design perfectly.

        There should be more surprise on the next trade show of CERSAIE in Bologna, which is the last global design trip of "Design and Trade" 2017 by Dongpeng and innoci, let’s look forward to it.

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