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      The innoci team originated in Germany focused on sanitary ware design and continued to provide product development services for a number of international famous brands. The sanitary ware products developed by it are known for their stylish European style and humanized structure, and have won numerous engineering developers and terminals worldwide. The consumer's favor.


      innoci sanitary ware Co., Ltd (hereinafter reffered to as ‘innoci’). innoci products are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship.

      1. This warranty is applicable to the products which manufactured and distributed by innoci.

      2. This warranty is to the original consumer purchaser(hereinafter reffered to consumer ) only.

      3. Please read carefully before using.Within the warranty period, innoci will, at its election, repair,replace or make appropriate adjustment where innoci inspection discloses any defects occuring in normal usage.

      4. Warranty Period

      (1) Faucets(Cartridge, divertor): 5 Year Limited Warranty (The service life of any disposable replacement cartridge varies with local water conditions and water consumption and thus is not warranted other than to be free of defects in material and workmanship at the time of purchase.)

      (2) Porcelain and Ceramic Products:1 Year Limited Warranty.

      (3) Sanitary Vanities:1 Year Limited Warranty.

      (4) Bathtubs,Electronics,Sensors: 1 Year Limited Warranty.

      5. innoci is not responsible for removal, installation or transportation costs .

      6. Exclusions:

      (1) This warranty excludes any defect or injury caused by or resulting from misuse, abuse or neglect, accidental damage, improper installation or other alternations or modifications which affect the reliability or performance of the unit not attributable to faulty manufacture.

      (2)This warranty excludes the effects of poor water quality and chemical attack which will affect the longevity of some internal components.

      (3) The liability of applicability to the local bylaw. ( For there are various in different districts,the franchised agent, contractor and consumers should follow the local bylaw for installation or choosing special products instead.)

      7. If you need warranty services, please contact innoci either through your dealer,plumbing contractor, home center or E-tailer, or by writting E-mail to innoci at service@innoci.com. ,mentioning product model, attaching relevant invoice or receipt.

      8. After the warranty period, innoci or authorized service center will provide compensated maintenance services.

      9. All components , parts or accessories removed and replaced could be retained by innoci.The expense of disassembly is not covered by this warranty.

      10. As for innoci ’s warranty obligations , no matter the warranty clauses or other elucidation may implicit or represent implied , all be considered to be included or limited in the warranty range and period listed by warranty clauses.

      11. Within the warranty period , it is the only remedy measure to the consumer’s loss caused by defect for the consumers according to warranty clauses. In other words, innoci is irresponsible to other direct or indirect loss of the consumer.

      12. Any franchiser and agent or authorized service center has no right to admit or take on obligations beyond the category of the warranty clauses on behalf of innoci,and to deny any right under the warranty clauses either.

      13. innoci reserves all rights to adjust or modify the clauses without advance notice.

      Contant Information:


      phone number: 400-888-9438

      Web: www.innoci.com

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